GemStone FAQ

1. How can a piece of Gem help me?

When a doctor operates on us he uses needles or knife or Blade . Technically, those are pieces of metal that made miracles . The right knowledge and skill can turn the gem into a great life changing Element. '

2.How long does it take to notice the differences after wearing GemStone?

Once you wear a Gemstone After performing the ritual we mention . You will Start Noticing remarkable changes in your life within a month. Everything seems to work in your favor and things you have always dreamt of will start coming true.

3. Where can I get a Flawless Beautiful Gemstone ?

Gemstone do not have to be beautiful in appearance THERE IS NOT A SINGLE NATURAL GEMSTONE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT A FLAW. And anyone who claims such will be corrected by purchasing a stronger microscope.

4.Do Gemstones with Blemishes Work ?

At AstrogemVeda test for the gemstones that have minerals that can boost the power of gemstone to the highest value and work for anyone who wears it . That is why some blemish/inclusion free stones bought at high prices work for few and won’t work for few . Not all gems that are blemish / inclusion free or with blemishes / inclusions work , It is important to check for the mineral that boosts the gem that matters. Hence it is important to wear stones that have those minerals  .

Some mines are 500 million years old and some mines are 2 billion years old. The age makes a big difference in the absorbing levels of cosmic energy to the GemStones and help them emit more power.

We Check for the Minerals and the energy power trapped in the Gem and then Deliver it to our customer.

5. How can I pay for my gemstones?

If you are purchasing a Loose Gem you can securely with our secure payment gateway. If you have purchased the gemstone with ring / pendant / Bracelet  then the payment process is as follows. The price for  Gem is completely paid and an token advance is taken towards the ring / pendant / braclet  depending on metal choosen . Once the Ornament is ready we will calculated the exact remaining balance to be paid as the prices of metal are subjected to change on daily basis. The Balance Amount can be paid through the secure payment gateway link we send through Email . Once the whole Amount is paid we will ship the Product Ready.

6.Will I know My Gemstone Clarity ?

All our gems are accurately graded for clarity .We will Mention it in the Certificate we give along with the Gemstone On purchase.

Clarity grading is done when looking closely at loose unset gemstones. Setting gemstones often hides many if not all of the inclusions.

All gemstone are not created equal what is acceptable in one stone maybe unacceptable in another. For example, Burma Ruby is usually much more included than Blue or Yellow Sapphire . But Burma Ruby is expensive than Blue or Yellow Sapphire Hence Clarity Alone cannot be used to assess Gem.

7. What is Gemstone Certificate?

Certificates are provided to prove that the gemstone is Natural and not Man made . It cannot be used as an Appraisal for your gem or for Evaluation Purposes. We have High quality testing labs to find highly powerful Natural  Gemstones. We do offer Power Rating for all our Gems. 

We offer IGII Gemstone Reports for free with each of our Natural Gem stones.  We will Also mail a copy of Gemstone report for the your future reference purpose.

8. I have never ordered a stone Online  and am a little nervous and worried ?

We know first time customers may be worried  about buying online especially  for precious Products. That's why  we showcased the feedback we get from our customers. We are happy  to share our customers  testimonials who have become successful and happy after wearing Our highly power Emitting Gemstones.

We are a company that does business as openly and honestly as possible. And  that why we have repeated customers  98%  of the time.

9. What about treatments?

Heated when done in a natural environment without chemical enhancements is accepted in the trade as a natural enhancement. It is not to be confused with gemstones that have been heat treated with light elements or other chemical enhancements that may alt¬¬¬¬er the color of the stone. Most natural colored gemstones are heat treated to intensify their color diminish imperfections or improve durability. Heating gemstones in an oven is a treatment that has been done to fine gemstones for hundreds of years. Few Other treatments On GemStones like Oiling  are quite normal.

10. Where is AstroGemVeda Located ?

We operate our bussiness  from hyderabad India and we have factory operations in Jaipur .

11. How Secure is it to shop at ?

While shopping at you never have to worry about credit/debit  card  safety.  All transactions within our website go through SSL (Secure Socket Layers). Our SSL  is  the best for  safe & secure   e-commerce transactions. All of your information is encrypted, including card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels across the Internet.

12. What is your customer privacy policy?

We Respect and Protect Our Customers  Privacy

During online ordering a user must give certain contact information, we do not sell or use your personal information for anything other than transactions within our company.

We use the information we collect about you only to process orders and to provide you with a pleasant seamless shopping experience

13. Which is the best stone ? For color saturation, light refraction, clarity and value?

We  at AstroGemVeda take original pictures of every gemstone. We do our best to ensure that the color and saturation is as close as possible to the original stone. Please use our pictures and our prices to compare quality and value .We offer these stones in a wide range of qualities and prices. Our gemstones have been carefully graded and our price reflects the quality of each stone. Please shop and compare we are confident that what we sell, will meet your expectations.

14. Why do some similar looking gems have different prices ?

The value of a gem is determined by  type, size, color, clarity, rarity, origin and its  popularity. Even small differences in the the intensity of the color can make a big difference in price. These same small differences in clarity and cut can also create substantial price differences in gemstones.

We take original pictures of every gemstone. We always do our best to ensure that the color and saturation is as close as possible to the original stone.

15. How can your prices be so low when compared to your competitors?

Most of our competitors are wonder struck with our best quality at such low prices . We could offer such great values as we buy our gemstones directly from mines or from miners and get them cut and polished in our associated factories in jaipur eliminating the middle man.

16. How should I view your images on my monitor / Desktop ?

Depending on  an LCD flatscreen monitor, the color and tone of your screen image can change noticeably depending on viewing direction also .  Please be sure to view any gemstone image straight-on and in the center of your computer screen for an accurate representation of the stone's true color.

With the new LCD flatscreens, viewing an image from any angle can make a stone appear lighter or darker than it really is, or may even change the stone's color