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Powerful Combinations of Rudharkshas that make Life Easier

There are several combinations of rudraksha that can be worn to solve various problems in our lives and makes living easier.Here are some of the details and the related benefits   UNITY COMBINATION / EKTHA BANDH COMBINATION BENEFITS 2 Beads of 2 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA + 1 Bead GAURI SHANKAR RUDRAKSHA Removes Differences of opinions and brings every one closer. Improves Relation between couples. MOON  COMBINATION COMBINATION BENEFITS 1 Bead of 2 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA + 2 PEARLS (IN BRACELET / LOCKET ) Removes malefic effects caused by planet moon. Brings Peace / Calmness. Harmony / Calmness in Family. DURGA  COMBINATION COMBINATION...

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